Cross Cancer Institute Project

We were contacted by Alberta Health Services (Cross Cancer Institute) back in April 2018 to see if we could design/fabricate some giant numbers for their 50th Anniversary. They wanted something to showcase all the amazing work they do over there. We gladly took on the project. We really had no idea how much work we were in for when we took this on but all of us enjoyed every minute of it. With the help of BelVan Construction we fabricated the numbers out of MDF. They were then taken to our friend Shane at Baker Boyz Designs for an amazing high gloss black paint job. While this work was being completed our designers were hard at work completing over 40 hours of graphic design work to prepare 4 separate photo collages forming the shape of our numbers. One number was to represent the past with black and white photos dating back 50 years. The other was to represent the present with color pictures from the last 20 years. Photos were then printed onto vinyl, laminated with high gloss finish and applied to the numbers. We are so proud of the finished product and the staff at the Cross Cancer Institute loved it! These will be displayed in their lobby for the next year for anybody wanting to go have a peek.